What Do You Do If You Lose Your Social Security Card?

People that lose their wallet may also gone through the lost of their Social Security card. The same is true for those that use a purse. It is also possible that you may wash it, damaging it beyond repair, and you will need to find a way to get another one back. You should have no problem at all setting an appointment with the that is closest to you. They can walk you through the process of filling out the paperwork. This will be sent in, along with your personal information, so that they can verify it is you and process your request.


How Do You Find One Of These Offices?

You can find these offices by searching for Social Security Administration online. They will direct you to a map where you can see where they are located. You can then set an appointment, or you could simply drop by and see if they can help. They will give you the forms that are necessary for you to fill out. It will take a few minutes to do so, and they will also need official documents to show that it is you. Bring your passport, drivers license, and other documents that you may have which they may accept as proof of your identity.

How Long Do Most People Wait To Get Their Card

Once you know the steps to apply for new social security card, you will be able to get your card very quickly. It will only take you a few minutes. You will soon have you replacement in your hands. Give them a few weeks to process your card so that you can have it back again. It is not problematic to do this, just a long-term process that will have you waiting for several weeks to receive your new one. However, they make this as easy as possible to get yours. Submit your information to and come to know How to get a Social Security Card Same Day.