Suggestions On How To Install Shingles On A House

The installation process for shingles might be much easier than you would imagine. If you have ever watched a roofer do this before, you know that they follow a very specific process. If not done the right way, you will have problems such as leaks, and you may also have the shingles blow off in a high wind. It very specific procedure is followed so that you will have a roof that will last for decades into the future. There is a process that almost every roofer follows. Here is an overview of what that is.

How Do They Start To Roof A Home?

These professional roofers will start in one of three ways. First of all, if you are leaving your existing roof, and simply nailing one over the top, they can just start at the bottom of one side of the roof and work their way to the top. The other possibility is that they are removing the existing roof which could take several hours the first day. Once that is done, they will then apply tarpaper to the roof, and subsequently at all of the shingles. The shingles must be added to the bottom first, making your way to the top, so as to prevent any potential leakage.

Why Can’t You Nail A Roof On From The Top?

If you think about the way that water flows, and how the shingles are layered, you cannot start from the top roof. You would have all of the horizontal seams visible, and this would provide multiple pathways for the rain to finally seep into the attic area. That’s why you need to start from the bottom. Each subsequent shingle is going to be positioned over the one below it. This is how roofers add different roofing materials, and why it is so necessary to always begin at the bottom.

How To Complete The Roofing Project

It’s possible to complete these roofing projects if you have enough nails, hammers, tarpaper, and if you have multiple people helping. You look at professionals, they typically have two or more individuals working on the same project. If that is the case for you, if you have friends that are going to help, this can speed up the process significantly. Professionals can complete roofing jobs in three or four days, sometimes less if it is a smaller structure.

The entire roofing project will culminate once the debris is taken away. They will have garbage bins set up where they will be emptied on a daily or weekly basis. If it is for a job that can be completed in just a few days, they will simply have the disposal company pick up the refuse. That really is the final component to the installation of any roof on commercial and residential structures. If you do want to put a brand-new roof on your home, but you are apprehensive based upon how difficult it might be, contacting a pro to do this for you is the best course of action. Not only will they do everything perfectly, but they will guarantee your results. To know contact us visit the website at