What You Need To Have To Change Your Name On Your Social Security Card

There are times when you need to change the name that appears on your social security card. This could be due to getting married, there being a mistake on the original card or other name change reasons. If you need to change your name on your social security card, it is important to know what you need to do this.

Things You Need for Changing Name on Social Security Card

The Application Form

The first item that you need to change your name is the correct application form. You can get the application form from the government website or at the social security office. The form you generally need to have is Form SS-5 which is the Application for a Social Security Card.

Proof Of A Legal Name Change

Once you have the form and have completed it, you need to know about the supporting documentation that you need to provide. The first is the proof of a legal name change as well as proof of your current legal name. In most cases, US identity documents will be used as a proof of your current legal name.

Social Security will accept certain documents as proof of your legal name change. You will need to provide the original and a certified copy of the document with your application form. These documents will include a marriage license, a divorce decree, a certification of naturalization with your new name or a court order showing a name change. It is important to note that the certified copy must be certified by the agency that issued the document as Social Security will not accept notarized copies.

Proof Of Citizenship

If US citizenship was not verified when the social security card originally provided, you will be asked to provide proof of this. Social Security will accept US birth certificates and US passports only as proof of US citizenship. It is important that you have these documents with you if you have not verified your citizenship before.

Proof Of Identity

When changing the name on your social security card, you will be asked for proof of your identity. Social Security will only accept documents that are current and show your current legal name, date of birth and a recent photograph. The best documents for proving identity will be a US driver’s license, a US passport or a state-issued ID card.

Social Security Name Change

If you do not have any of these documents, Social Security may accept other documentation. This documentation will include your employee ID card, a school ID card, a US military ID card or a health insurance card but not a Medicare card. It is best to verify with someone at Social Security about whether or not you other documentation will be accepted before you out in your application.

When you change the name on your social security card, your social security number will not change. Your new card with the new name will be mailed to you and generally arrive within 10 days, according to Social Security. learn more here!

A Few Things To Know When You Are Filing For A New Social Security Card

A new social security card can be necessary for quite a few reasons. Some people even need a new social security number. Are you in that position? If so, then there are going to be extra steps and extra forms, but that doesn’t mean that the process can’t be simple. The same goes for if you need to change your name on your social security card.

How to Change Name on Social Security Card?

If all you need to do is get a new social security card without any changes for Social Security Benefits, then the process is even more simple. You will still have to make sure that you prove who you are with two forms of ID, but you don’t have to worry about any of the extra paperwork. The process is handled differently in various states, but you might be able to start the process online.

New Social Security Card

Most people think about going to the social security office of course, and that still might be the best bet. I haven’t seen a solid source that states you can do everything online. Most of what I have seen is that you have access to forms online, and you can print them out. What you would do then is mail them. At least that means you could skip the whole visit to the Social Security Administration Office.

How to Get a Replacement of Social Security Card?

However, it is important to realize that you still need to prove your identity. To do that, it looks like you make copies and include them with your application for a new social security card and Social Security Forms. Personally, I would rather go directly to the office, even if I had to wait because by doing this you will get same day replacement of your card. If you could take snapshots with your mobile phone and submit everything electronically, well, that’s a different story. Otherwise, it seems like more of a hassle to print out the form, fill it out, make copies and prolong the process by snail mail.

Social Security Card

The sites that provide you the forms, however, also have a ton of information that could help you through the process. I know that if I were changing my name on my social card or getting a new number, I would certainly want to know some more information at the very least before I made my way to the office. What is going to be your approach? Check out the online resources, and see how far you can get comfortably before you head on over to the social security office to finish the process.

Tips If I Lost My Social Security Card

Your social security card is one of the most important and personal documents in your possession. It’s your identity. You don’t want to lose it, but that is something you won’t have under your control. In fact, a lot of people end up losing this card on a daily basis, and it’s normal. However, what do you do if that is the position you find yourself in?

What is the next option on your plate?

What can you do to make sure this doesn’t become a lifelong issue where you have your identity stolen and taken advantage of? This is the question, and you’ll find your answer here.

1) Monitor Your Accounts

Paying attention to your accounts is important. Your identity is important, and it can be used to take advantage in the long-run. Make sure you are smart and paying attention to this. If not, you might end up getting in a lot of trouble.

2) Notify Government

This is the most important step, and you have to do it as soon as possible. You need to make sure the government is aware of what has happened. They will direct you as to what has to happen next.

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3) Ask For Replacement

You will need a new social security card, and that’s something you need to have in your hands. You are going to have three free replacements, so this will not be an issue. You can request for it as soon as you want.

These are the tips you want to keep in mind during replacement card as it pertains to your social security card. The best thing to do is remain alert and protect your card if it is in your possession. Take action and make sure you are as quick about it as possible.

Ways To Obtain A Lost Card From The Social Security Department

It is easy to lose your Social Security card. It is one of those cards that we all have, that we seldom pay any attention to. You could lose your wallet, or have your purse stolen, and this card will need to be replaced. It is something that is very easy to do, but it can be time consuming, especially since you have to go to the actual department to submit your information. This is what you need to bring with you when you decide to finally replace your Social Security card which is very necessary in our lives today.

Why Would You Need To Replace It?

Although there are some people that can actually remember there Social Security number, most of us cannot. Additionally, if you are ever going to apply for a job, a loan, or if you are trying to get financing on a new vehicle, they need to have a copy of this. If you’re going to college, or doing anything which will require some identification such as your Social Security number, this official card needs to be presented. They will often take a copy of it and this proves that you are who you say you are, allowing them to move forward.

How Long Will It Take To Replace?

It’s not going to take very long to do. You need to bring some form of identification with you, unless you have lost ss card or everything, such as your drivers license or a passport. You will then fill out the information, and they will then process that information, sending it directly to offices where they can do the replacement for you. It’s probably going to take several business days to get processed, and several more to be sent to your location. This is a car that you might not use very often, but when you do need it, you need to be sure that you will have this available so that copies can be made or you can simply show proof of your identity.