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Form SS4 And Everything You Need to Know

Form SS4: Everything You Need To Know About Filling Out The Form SS4

Are you in need of filing a federal tax return or considering starting a business, but cannot because you do not have a valid ID number from a form SS4? If so, you are not alone, since there are millions of individuals residing within the United States that is having difficulty trying to obtain an EIN. Well, contrary to thinking, it is very easy to complete form SS4, even if you are unfamiliar with the process. Below you will discover everything that you need to know to help speed up the process.

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Form SS4 

When you visit the Internal Revenue Service website, you will notice that there are several different form options to select from. For example, if you are trying to take control of a deceased individual’s estate, you will need to click on the estate application. Other options include corporation, non-profit organization, trust, church organization, and etc. It is crucial to select the correct option, because each form contains a variety of questions that pertains to your request.

Form SS4

Tax Purposes 

It is important to note that this identification number is only utilized for tax purposes. It can replace the need of a social security number for those that do not qualify, but you cannot use the EIN for auction or lottery purposes. If you are caught misusing the number, then you will definitely risk losing it, so take all the necessary precautions to follow the regulations and guidelines to a tee.

Identity Validity 

As someone that is looking for employment within the United States, you will need to supply the potential employer with some sort of identification. The employer must be able to validate your identity, in order for you to be accepted for job placement. The EIN is also necessary for filing tax returns, since it is utilized by the IRS for identification purposes.

Excluded From Sensitive Data

The EIN is different than the social security number as its obtained with a Form SS4, in that it is not classified as sensitive data. As a matter of fact, your organization or business EIN may be shared or publicized on the Internet for business purposes. Credit bureaus are very well aware of this number and will never mistake it for a SSN, so if you do anything deceptive with the number, then you will surely get caught.

Simple Process 

When you are completing the form SS4, it is necessary to read each question completely, before answering. If you fail to answer each question honestly and completely, then you risk being turned down for an EIN. You will discover some very comprehensive questions that you may want to falter on, but do not. For instance, you will see one question involving whether or not your business involves gambling, alcohol sales, or hiring employees.


If you have difficult answering any of the questions on the form SS4, be sure to contact the IRS personally. You can visit one of the local offices or contact them by phone. However, never falter on answering the questions honestly and accurately, because if you do, the government will surly find out.