SS4 Form Online Employer Identification Number Information

The United States Internal Revenue Service issues EIN (Employer Identification Number) for the purpose of tax administration. Both self employed individuals and business owners are eligible to apply for the number. You don’t need to apply for the number if you already have the number. You can get the number through the website of IRS if you have misplaced the number.

There are various ways to apply for the number. You can apply for the number online, by fax, by mail and by telephone. Online application is the most preferred method of application by many. For all other methods, you need to fill the SS4 form. This article helps you get SS4 form online EIN application information.

Why most of the business owners resort to SS4 forms instead of internet EIN?

EIN Applications can be done online by clicking here

Everything depends upon your eligibility. You need to be able to apply for EIN online directly if you fulfill the criteria for application. There are three eligibility conditions which determine whether you will be able to go online route or not. First of all you business organization should be within the territorial jurisdiction of US only. As second eligibility condition, you need to have the social security number and income tax identification number. You can only be able to apply for a single responsible party in one day.

Apart from that there is time constraint within which you need to complete the application. The time for application is only 15 minutes. You may not have the entire information ready within such a small duration. The only advantage of the internet EIN is that you can get the number instantly after successful verification of the information through internet. But this is not the case for many.

How to get SS4 forms online?

It completely depends on you if you are ready to apply for EIN. Once you have made up your mind. You can visit the website of IRS. Then you can get the form for free. You can directly take the print out of the form available in the PDF format. You should not relay on any other website which charges you fees for getting SS4 forms online. After getting the form, you need to fill out the form. Then you can send the form by mail or through fax. Fax is the fastest way of getting your SS4 form processed.

How to complete the form after getting the SS4 forms online?

When you get the print out of the form, you start to seem a bit startled as if it were asking about something very difficult. In real the form asks you very simple information about you and your organization. In the beginning of the form, you will get to fill out the name of your company and the address of your company. Then you need to fill out the name of the party for which you are going to apply for EIN. You need to inform the IRS about the work of the individual who you implore the responsibility and what responsibility to bestow.

Then you have to mention reason for which you are going to apply for the EIN. As you are running a business, you have to give information regarding the number of employees that you are going to hire in future. Finally, you are going to mention the type of business activity your organization conducts. You should remember that the information that you give in the form should be accurate otherwise you may not be able to get EIN.

How to send the filled out SS4 forms to the department of revenue and get the EIN online?

There are two ways in which you can send the SS4 forms to the IRS. You can either mail or fax the form to the revenue department. Generally, faxing is a good option to get your EIN quickly. It is simply because, mail takes a little more time to reach the office while fax can reach the office within no time. There is also another option to submit the form provided you live near the office of IRS. IRS allows you to submit form in person. This reduces the processing time of the application.

SS4 Form

Do you need the help of SS4 forms online for changing your EIN?

Generally, you don’t need to change your EIN if everything is going smooth with your business. There are situations in your life which compel you to apply for a changed EIN. If you have filed for bankruptcy, you can apply for a new number. Apart from that if your business has gone through huge changes, you can also apply for a new number. When you have got a new partner for your business and the ownership has been changed, you need to apply for a changed number.

In these circumstances, you can take the help of shortest route for a changed number. You can be successful in getting a new EIN if you don’t make any mistakes while filling the form. If you make any mistakes, you will need to inform the same to the IRS by sending a letter mentioning about the mistakes.

Role of experts in helping you out to fill the SS4 forms online

Most of the people feel like they know nothing about tax related issues and the EIN application. There is nothing such. Things which seem to be very complex can be pretty simple. There are various experts who can guide you in proper way to help you fill out the form. You can also be able to know various issues related to form.

Why there is so much fuss about SS4 forms online?

It is imperative that you apply for the EIN and you should get it with one time application. If you make any mistakes in the first time, it will not only take time for further processing but also delay further processes. As stated in the wiki there is limitation on the number of applications for a business owner in a day.

You can only apply for once in a day. You don’t know which day is important for you and which day can put you in trouble. It is therefore essential for you to send correct information to IRS by getting the forms online with the help of the experts.

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