Kentucky Employer Identification Number

Everything You Need To Know About Employer Identification Number in Kentucky

Also called the Federal Tax Identification Number, the Employer Identification Number or EIN is used to recognize a business. Basically, business entities need an Employer Identification Number. You should check the Kentucky state to ensure you require a state number or permission.

You can visit the official website of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to check out the latest interview-style web Employer Identification Number (EIN) application; It is not required to fill up the SS-4 Form. Authorized individuals will ask you a number of questions and you will just simply provide answers. The application process involves attached help topics and hyperlinked keywords and definitions. Different instructions are not required. Following the validation process, you can retrieve your EIN right away on fulfillment. After which, you can download, save and print the confirmation notice. The whole process is quick, free, and user-friendly.

Do I need to apply for an EIN?

You will need an Employer Identification Number if:

  • You have employed individuals;
  • You run your business as a corporation/partnership;
  • You file any of these tax returns: Excise, Employment, or Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco;
  • You deduct taxes on income, other than salaries, paid to a non-resident alien;
  • You have a Keogh plan

How long will it take to get an EIN?

When you need to file a return or make a deposit, it is recommended to for an applicant to apply as early as possible to receive one’s corresponding number. You can now apply for an EIN online on the official website of the IRS. For international applications, you need to call a corresponding number before you can apply. You can also fax a filled up SS-4 form to the service center for Kentucky, and they will reply with a return fax within just a week. Please include a return fax number as it could take around 2 weeks if it is not available. For applicants applying through the mail, please forward a filled up SS-4 Form in a form of a PDF not less than 4-5 weeks prior your EIN to file a return or make a deposit.

By the time a return is required and you still don’t have an EIN, writer “Applied for” and the date of application in the space for the number. Please avoid writing down your social security number.

By the time a deposit is required and you don’t have an EIN, forward your payment to the service center address for your Kentucky.

What If I lost or misplaced my EIN?

If you applied for and obtained an Employer Identification Number for your business, but have long since misplaced it, you can try any or all of these procedures to find the number:

Look for the computer-generated notification issued by the Internal Revenue Service when you applied for your Employment Identification Number. This notification is released as a confirmation of your application and served as a receipt of an Employment Identification Number.

If you used your Employment Identification Number to open a bank account or to apply for any kind of Kentucky or local license, you must get in touch with your bank or agency to retrieve your Employment Identification Number.

Look for a formerly filed tax return for your current business entity for which it includes your lost or misplaced Employment Identification Number.

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