How To Get A Copy Of Your SS Card Issued To You?

To get a Social Security card issued to you, you need to bring in the documentation to have this done. If you already have one, and you simply need a copy of one, there is separate paperwork that you will have to fill out. Bringing in your passport, drivers license, or any type of personal identification will help with the process. You will then need to fill out the paperwork that they have, this will be submitted, and you will receive yours in about 14 days.

Social Security Administration

What Is The Process Itself?

The process is very simple. The Application Filing Services involves a simple form that you are going to fill out in essence going to be sent in with your identification material. This is the only way that they will be able to determine who you are. Of course, if you already have a card, they will simply verify the number that you are requesting if you can put that on the document. If not, they will look up who you are with the passport, drivers license, or non-driver identification copies that will be sent in.

replacement social security card

Is There Any Way To Change Your Number?

There is actually a way to change your Social Security number. You need to have a reason for doing so. Most of the people that take the time to do this are being harassed by others who have stolen their identity. If you need to have that other Social Security number turned off, that will be done the moment the other one is issued. This way, all of your personal information can be protected, and you can avoid people using who you are in order to extort or steal not only your money, but money from other people.