How To Get A Copy Of A Social Security Card

Misplaced or the lost social security card can lead to a number of problems. You need your social security card to gain employment, get a loan, open a bank account and more. Once you realize that you no longer know where your social security card is you should take action to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Find The Closest Social Security Administration Office

The first step is to find out where your closest Social Security Administration building is. In many cases these offices can only be found in large cities, so it may require somewhat of a long drive to get to one if you live in a rural area. You should be able to find this information easily online.

Then you will want to make sure that you have your birth certificate, passport or other government issued identification. They will require that you are able to prove who you are when you get to the office. You will also need to be able to tell them what your social security number is. If you do not have it memorized you should be able to find it on tax forms that you have filed in the past.

Identification Of The Documents

When you get to the Social Security Department you will likely have to sign in using a kiosk at the entrance. There you will inform them of the reason for your visit and provide your social security number. This gives them the ability to look you up before they are able to see you.

When you finally are called up to speak with a representative you will give them your identifying documents and likely have to repeat your social security number for them. They will then place the order for your replacement social security card. Due to new procedures to prevent theft they will mail this to your home. You can expect it to arrive in a week or less. For further queries visit