How To Change A Newborn Babies Name On Their Social Security Card?

Sometimes parents have a hard time choosing a name, even after they have submitted all of the paperwork they feel like they have made a mistake. This leads them to want to change the name that they have given their child, but many times they worry that amending all of the important paperwork will take too much time. Thankfully, the process is not that complicated and many parents find that they are able to finish everything necessary within just a few hours.

Notify Social Security Administration

You will simply need to show the Social Security administration that you have legally changed the name of a child. Any legal document, such as a naturalization certificate, amended birth certificate, or a legal change of name will be enough. You will need to ensure that this document shows both the old name and the new, or that there is an accompanying document that is legally binding that shows this information.

Get the Paperwork Done

Once you have this paperwork, you will fill out a form of name change on the card, signing for your child as their guardian. This form will need to be taken into the nearest Social Security office, or you may be able to send it in the mail. This information will be updated in the main computers, and a new card will be mailed to the address provided. This card will carry the new name, while a record of the old name will be kept within the Social Security computers unless otherwise mandated by law.

This may or may not count against the 10 lifetime replacements that a person may have on their card. However, because the child is under age and a change is being made, it should not. If it does, you should contact the nearest office to clear up this mistake.