How a Refrigerator Works

When it comes to the appliances that are stationed throughout the home, it can be easy to forget about the refrigerator as it stands. But without the refrigeration system, it would be highly difficult to store food within the home, especially items that need to be kept cool in order to prolong shelf life. Pondering on this can beg the question, just how does refrigeration work? In this article, we will answer that.

In the cycle that is refrigeration, there are five basic components that are at work.

Firstly, there is the fluid refrigerant. Next, there is a compressor which acts as a controller of the refrigerant’s flow. The third component of the refrigeration cycle is the condenser coils. These are found on the outside of the refrigerator itself. On the inside of the fridge, you have evaporator coils. And the fifth and final component? Something that is referred to as an expansion device.

What happens inside a refrigerator to keep your edible items cold? Well, everything must work together in order to change the liquid (fluid refrigerant) into a gas. The compressor, which as we mentioned earlier works to control the flow of the fluid refrigerant, constricts the vapor and pushes it into the condenser coils. At this point, the gas is hot.

Once the hot gas meets the air that is nice and cool in the kitchen, it changes again into a liquid form. At this point, it is a liquid at high pressure. The liquid refrigerant cools down and flows into the evaporator coils. These are located in the freezer and the refrigerator itself.

Once the refrigerant has made its way into the refrigerator it begins to absorb the heat inside of it, which cools down the air and keeps it in such a state that it is appropriate for the food that is being stored within. Also read more on this website

For the last part of this wonderful cycle, the refrigerant that is now in a liquid state is evaporated into a gas.

The gas flows back into the compressor, and then the cycle of refrigeration repeats itself. As long as the refrigerator is plugged into the wall, this cycle will continue and the food will stay as fresh and edible as it possibly can.

One tip for saving money with your refrigerator and electric bill? Keep your fridge stocked with food as much as you can. A refrigerator that is empty or lacking items to keep cool will cause a higher use of power.

In conclusion, the refrigerator is one of the most important and fascinating appliances that stands within the home. While it may not get much thought, other than the material it is made out of or what color it is, or whether it has an ice maker attached to it or not, the fridge is something you absolutely do not want to go without. And knowing just how it works to keep your edible items cool can help you to have a greater appreciation for your refrigerator from now into the future. Simply click on .