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Connecticut business owner should be aware that a federal tax ID number is required in order for them to operate. While there are many types of tax numbers, we are referring to the Employer Identification Number (EIN), in particular. This is because the federal government and the Internal Revenue Service use your business’ EIN in order to properly monitor and identify your tax records and payments.

With such sensitive information at stake, it is vital that you keep your EIN number close at hand. You would not want it falling into the wrong hands, after all. You must always keep it safe and memorize the numbers if you can.

Of course, sometimes things simply slip our minds and we misplace even the most important of things. If this happens to your EIN, then don’t worry. There is still a way for you to get it back. This article presents a couple of ways to retrieve a lost Connecticut EIN number.

Understanding the Importance of EIN

Connecticut business owners know full well the importance of the EIN number in terms of identifying your business and keeping track of its tax remittances. As stated earlier, the IRS and the Federal government use it for the processing of employment taxes and income taxes for all business types.

Needless to say, you would not be able to operate legally without being registered at the IRS office. On top of that, it also plays a crucial role in your finances. After all, you would not be able to register a business bank account without a copy of your EIN. Other than that, you would have a hard time making business transactions without it as well.

EIN Search CT

Most people would tell you that your business’ EIN bears a striking similarity to your Social Security number. This is because it functions in exactly the same way – keeping track of your taxes and contributions. However, the difference is that the EIN is not issued individually and not all people need one. However, we cannot overstate the importance of the EIN for a business enterprise.

More often than not, you will only notice that your EIN ID has been misplaced when it is already close to the tax filing deadline. Understandably, that would be pretty overwhelming. However, it is vital that you do not panic. Losing your cool will not help. In fact, it will only make things worse.

Just remember that the good folks of IRS have your records and there are ways for you to get it back. Presented below are the specific things that you can do in that situation.

  • Talk to the IRS – You would be surprised to find the wonders that a simple phone call could do. Case in point, by contacting the IRS directly calling their Specialty Tax Line, you can inform the agency of your situation and request a copy of your EIN.
  • Go to the IRS Connecticut Branch – Alternatively, you can also pay the local office a visit. These IRS branches are conveniently located all over the state so you should have no trouble finding one. They’ll give you a couple of forms and you will have that EIN back.

These are the specific ways Connecticut businesses can retrieve their EIN Numbers. Just keep in mind that only owners and their appointed representatives can process these requests.

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