Applying for Employer Identification Number or EIN is essential ways for a business to run in. EIN is issued by the Internal Revenue System for business or a company. It can be used for employment tax identification and also used as a general tax number.

Internal Revenue System or IRS offers a free service in getting an EIN in a speed of light. But before you can apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) you must preview the PDF File of Form SS-4 and read and review the instructions stated in the form. Print out the file of the application form and fill up all the needed information to be answered. Once your are done, filling up the form. Here are some ways where you can apply your EIN to Internal Revenue System.

You can apply your EIN via online. Many people prefer to apply using the online EIN application, you can go to IRS website at and click Employer ID Numbers. Once your done answering the form they will process all the information and validate it. Applicants must present a valid Taxpayer Identification Number in order to avail the online application. You can receive an online confirmation and you can use it on hand to file a tax return or make a payment.

You can also apply through a telephone. Telephone services are available during working hours every 7:00 am – 10:00 pm Eastern time from Monday through Friday. You may dial the IRS Hotline at (800)- 829- 4933 or 267-941-1099 (not a free-toll) to secure an EIN. An IRS Call Representative will answer the call and he/she will interview the applicant and gather all the information concerning the answers of the applicant in Form SS-4. Third Party Degree section should be completely answered to authorize the named person to be in receipt of the EIN’s entity. They will process all the information gathered to create and assign you an Employer Identification Number. If the IRS Representative required the form to be signed, you are given at least 24 hours to deliver it to IRS through a fax or mail.

In applying through a fax, you have to fill out all the information in Form SS-4. Once the application is completed, fax the form to the Internal Revenue System or IRS using your fax number. A long-distance call will be charged to the callers outside the local area. You will obtain the EIN within four (4) business days through the fax of IRS.

Applying through mail make sure that you print out the PDF file of Form SS-4 and it consists of all the required information of the applicant. Mail your application to the correct address of IRS Office and make sure to sign and date your form. It will take up to 4 (four) weeks to receive your Employer Identification Number via Mail.

An important reminder in applying for EIN is to double check and verify if the sources are valid and always remember that processing of EIN is convenient, immediate and free.

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